We make an Association’s money count. While many Associations receive membership fees they are often not sure where or how the funds are spent.  In many cases, it creates an opportunity where members can accuse one another of misappropriating the funds.  In other cases, there are no accounting records.  This is an area always under question by members. 

A detailed set of accounts makes a difference. We have the infrastructure to produce a set of accounts for every Association under our management.  Our accounting services produce reports for the board to evaluate and discuss at their monthly meetings. It’s about ensuring the financial wellbeing of Associations and creating complete peace of mind.




 Cash Book
BlueRegistrations /Returns
 Company Secretarial Functions
 Registration of MOI
 CIPC Annual Registration
 Monthly Returns
 Annual Tax Returns
BlueMonthly Management Accounts
 Income Statement
 Balance Sheet
 Trail Balance
 Debtors Age Analysis
 Supplier Age Analysis
BlueReporting on Investments


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