Our management model allows credit professionals, within the same industry, to contribute and extract information on mutual customers.  An Association or Advisory Board is established for each industry to obtain and maintain securities received from debtors. The Association / Advisory Board also act as the credit committee of the industry in order to speed up and facilitate business rescue operations or liquidations. ICRM creates efficiencies in the management of credit risk. It reduces expenses for participants in the event of liquidations or litigation against delinquent debtors. 

Additionally, it provides industry trends and quality credit reports.  Debtors that are monitored within an ICRM group benefit by receiving trends and notices when their businesses reach potential stormy times. Pre-business rescue triggers assist debtors to avoid business rescue and, ultimately, possible liquidation. ICRM aims to create credit excellence for the debtor as well as the creditor, ensuring sustainability over the long term. It’s about creating mutually beneficial relationships that last.




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