We make a difference where it matters. The management of an Association can cost its members large amounts of money. In most cases, the money is spent on unnecessary expenses, which are not focused on advantages for its members but rather on the advancement of the people working at the Association. The members of the Association are often tasked with management and administrative duties which means they are not able to focus 100% on the running of the Association. If they are actively involved, their own businesses suffer.  

The fact is, members need to focus on running their businesses with the assurance that the Association management is taken care of. This is where we can help. As an Association Management business we take the burden of admin and planning away from the members and ensure that their requests are considered and researched and that information is gathered, on their behalf. This ensures that board and members are able to take informed decisions. We’re there to create an independent and transparent process that gives fair consideration to all members. It’s management made easy.




RedApply & Maintain Association’s Strategy/ Code of Ethics
RedGroup Compliance Management
 Setup and Managing of Accreditation/Certification
RedMembership Management
 Membership Directory
 Member Communication
RedSecretarial Functions
RedMeeting/ Subcommittee Management
 Annual General Meetings
 Special General Meetings
 Board Meetings
 Committee Meetings
RedDirector Management
 Facilitate Nomination & Appointment of Directors
 Registration of Directors
 Directors / Officers Insurance
 Induction of Directors
RedLegal Compliance
 Apply and maintain MOI or Articles & Memorandum
 Contracts & Agreements
 Facilitate Group Litigation on Member Issues
RedNew Projects & Program Suggestions & Management
RedRecord Keeping


greyarrow   Cost Effective

greyarrow   Transparent

greyarrow   Independent Management

greyarrow   Productive

greyarrow   Confidentiality Without the Loss of Collective Benefits

greyarrow   Credibility of the Industry

greyarrow   Independent Management Reducing Risk of Cartel

greyarrow   Accountability

greyarrow   Ease of Administration

greyarrow   Members can Focus on their Core Business