This MEDIA OWNER SUBSCRIPTION allows finance and credit professionals, within the same industry, to contribute and extract information on mutual customers. An advisory board is established for each industry to obtain and maintain securities received from debtors. Subscribers benefit from collective securities and monitoring of debtors. The advisory board act as the credit committee of the industry in order to speed up and facilitate business rescue operations, liquidations or security pay-outs for the industry. Subscription to this model creates efficiencies in the management of credit risk. It reduces expenses for media owners in the event of liquidations or litigation against delinquent debtors. Furthermore, it provides industry trends and quality credit reports. 

Pre-business rescue triggers assist debtors to avoid business rescue and, ultimately, possible liquidation. This creates credit excellence for the debtor as well as the creditor, ensuring sustainability over the long term. Media owners attend monthly networking meetings that keep them up to speed with the developments with industry performance, risk, debtors’ days and consolidated billings. The subscription also automatically enters the Media owner and their finance team into the Annual CoreXalance Credit Awards. This award inspires the financial teams to perform at their maximum and sings their praises when they do. Through these initiatives we are proud to be able to keep the industry’s bad debt ratio way below average. Contact Antonia Scholtz for more information.


Now more than ever, credit vetting is the most crucial part of any business relationship between a debtor and a creditor. The sales process is challenging at the best of times, and then there is the added dilemma of asking for a credit application and assessing whether a client is credible enough to pay its accounts.
We have developed a relationship friendly credit application (in terms of the National Credit Act and the Consumer Protection Act) called a “Relationship Application”. 

Your client will simply need to complete the Relationship Application where after we will do the credit vetting on your behalf. All information regarding your client is extracted and consolidated into an “Xtract Fact File”. This Xtract gives you all the information needed to make an informed decision.


BlueAffordable Credit Vetting
BlueValue for Money
BlueUser Friendly & Easy to Read
BlueCredit Vetting From Various Bureaus
BluePersonal Surety (if signed by client)
BlueDefault Monitoring
BlueIndustry Trends (if available)
BlueQuick Decision Making Fact File
BlueCredit Scoring
BlueComfort of Knowing Who you are Doing Business With