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Red Phele phele is a completely independent, full-service advertising and marketing agency. The company was founded in 2006 by Tracey Lee Marks, with an emphasis on graphic design. Since those days Red Phele Phele has grown in leaps and bounds and now offers our clients almost any form of marketing or advertising imaginable.

We chatted to Tracey Lee Marks and got to know Red Phele Phele a little better.

Quick Stats

Our name is:  Red Phele Phele cc

But you can call us:  Red Phele Phele

We are located in:  Bedfordview, Johannesburg

We specialise in: We specialise in everything from graphic design of packaging and press adverts to social media, photography and video production. We are proud to offer a state-of-the-art 3D design service that is very new to the South African industry. With this specialist service we can expertly design store fronts, shelving and product packaging to show the client exactly how their product will look in store next to other products before the store or even the product exists. This is cutting edge conceptual technology we offer!

Our clients:  Client base includes Media Mark, Spark Media and Media Connection

Our bosses are:  Tracey Lee Marks

You can visit our website here:  www.lionmarketing.co.za

Accreditation Stats

Accreditation Date:  17 May 2016

Accreditation Number:  AA2695

What accreditation means to us:  Accreditation is a necessary stamp of approval that Red Phele Phele felt important to obtain. Our accreditation is important to gaining and retaining clients in the industry. This verification ensures that more doors are open to us as an agency as we can work with any companies – state, state-linked or private.

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