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Spacegrow Media (Pty) Ltd. was registered in 2003, as a shelf company, and began operating in 2009. The company was started when the two directors, Johan and Morne, noticed that many media agencies were disjointed. They decided to follow the European trend and create an agency that integrated Media, Creative and PR into one company without the overhang of large, traditional agencies. Their philosophy is “you cannot turn the Titanic into a speedboat” and that is why they decided to build Space – their very own “speedboat” – from the ground up.

The name originated from the concept of space and that the agency would, literally, buy space as well as create a space whereby clients can directly interact with consumers. From a more scientific point of view, Johan explains that, in space, time is seen as a four dimensional unit and that they too have four main principles – client, audience, channel and moment.

Quick Stats

Our name is: Spacegrow Media (Pty) Ltd.

But you can call us: Space

We are located in: 17 Nelle Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg

We specialise in: Traditional media, Strategy, Planning, Buying, Events, PR, Creative and Production

Some of our clients are: BMW South Africa, DDB South Africa, Diners Club International, Estee Lauder Companies, Honda Motors, Huawei Technologies South Africa, Montblanc, Pricewaterhouse Coopers South Africa, SARS, Unilever South Africa, Whirlpool South Africa

Our bosses are: Morné Ebersohn and Johan Prins

You can visit our website here:

Accreditation Stats

Accreditation Date: 14 May 2010

Number of years accredited: 5

Accreditation Number: AA1330

What accreditation means to us: “We take the accreditation very seriously because not having it would have a negative impact on our business. We see it as a required license enabling tool which allows us to work with Media Owners and we communicate our accreditation status very strongly to our clients. We see it as a “stamp of approval”.

CoreXalance Rank for June 2015*: 17

*This ranking is based on the consolidated information as submitted, by Media Owners, to CoreXalance*

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